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Subscription cleaning

Specialist in cleaning – an expression or a simple fact?

By trusting us you can be confident that your premises will be clean.

Subscription cleaning is not luxury, it is a convenience for your office, home, factory, warehouse, car park and adjacent areas.

However often we clean, we will make everything easier and cleaner.

Subscription cleaning includes:

Airing work areas.

Vacuum cleaning and removal of stains from furniture and soft floor coverings.

Sweeping or vacuum cleaning of hard floor coverings.

Dry and wet cleaning with professional cleaning agents and machines for hard floor coverings.

Regular cleaning of glass and entrance door frames.

Collection and removal of waste from containers and ashtrays and disposal of such in places determined for the purpose.

Cleaning and wiping of dust from work tables, desks, shelves, skirting boards, office equipment etc.

Cleaning, disinfection and deodouring of sanitary areas.

Regular replacement of toilet paper, liquid soap and hand towels.

Cleaning (snow removal) and tidying of adjacent areas.

Day-long maintenance of cleanliness.